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    Principle business international, N.V. - Company in Tongeren, Belgique - Allbiz
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    Principle business international, N.V. - Company in Tongeren, Belgique - Allbiz
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    Principle business international, N.V., Tongeren
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    Сompany address: Tongeren, Belgique
    Rietmusweg 108
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    De l’entreprise Principle business international, N.V.

    The business was formed in 1976 by Mr. James G. Mitchell and his wife Mrs. Winalee Gentry. They built the family business into a thriving an well-respected concern. As of September 1st, 1995 the Mitchells have transferred the ownership of Principle Business International NV to Mr. Patrick Vandereyken and his wife Mrs. Lucia Banken. Mr. and Mrs. Vandereyken have been working for more than 20 years as managers for the company and have seen the company grow. Principle Business International has, since the beginning, been working with distributing companies all over Europe dealing with medical supplies, and has been successful in establishing long and fruitful relationships with highly reputable manufactures over the years, such as Principle Business Enterprise Inc and Seidel Medizin Gmbh. Principle Business International has the exclusive distribution right for the European market for the production and sale of : “Tranquility“ absorbent products for the management of incontinence and “Flex-O-Versal” bandages and hot/cold packs. In addition to handling our suppliers products, PBI also manufactures and sells other items such as “Pillow Paws” disposable and non-disposable slippers for hospitals, surgical centres and other medical care facilities, “Patient Supports” in “chair”, “lumbar support”, and “limb-restraining” models for guaranteeing natural safety and security and comfortable dignity to patients and elderly persons.
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